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Mortgage Broker Bedfordshire

Finding the right mortgage first time, our award winning services are completely fee free from start to finish.

We offer free mortgage advice in Bedfordshire as well as across the whole of the UK. Get in touch below to get some free award winning mortgage advice from one of our qualified professionals.

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Speak to a qualified mortgage advisor today

Why use Turnstone Mortgages over going direct to a bank?

AWARD WINNING FREE impartial advice


Compare rates & criteria from over 50 lenders, not just one bank


Quick Mortgage in Principle in minutes


Find out which banks can lend you the most with one call


No long-winded appointments or paperwork. 20 minutes of your time is all we need


Help with Solicitors right through until you get they keys


If you have complex circumstances, our brokers have in depth knowledge and can advise on the best mortgage available to you 

Turnstone Mortgages has Mortgage Advisers Covering Bedfordshire

Here are some of our popular locations:

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South England Prestige Awards 2022

Mortgage Brokerage of the Year - Winner

Southern Enterprise Awards 2022

Mortgage Broker of the Year South West - Winner

How to get a mortgage in Bedfordshire

The first step to getting a mortgage is letting us know you want one.

Here are your options to get started with Turnstone Mortgages:

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